Youthcon Student Associate

Youthcon Student Associate (YSA) is any student who is willing to closely represent Youthcon on his/her campus. Any college student from any degree, stream, and year of study can apply for this campus ambassador program of Youthcon.The YSA represents student’s interest and concern throughout the campus and mainly support for branding events of their respective colleges. It is a great platform to meet many other students who share the same interest and to build a community within the organisation.

Industrial Visits

Industrial visits! The term itself instils immense happiness and excitement in students. The idea of embarking on an educational trip encourages many.

Youthcon Merchandise

Great give away logo’d Shirts,sacks and batches represent yourself as campus ambassador for Youthcon.


Having a dedicated person to go to with questions about your work and help you navigate the workplace is invaluable.

Mock Placement

A mock interview can be super helpful if you do one with the right people. They can offer feedback on the interview experience as a whole, as well as smaller observations like whether you have good eye contact, body language, and display specific skills.